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Tabs for Jan 13th 2023

MKBHD does a deep dive ("closer look") at phone cameras. I am thinking about this a lot as I make a more deliberate effort to use my Fuji X…

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Published on 18 days ago

Tabs for 6th Jan 2023

AVC goes through what will happen in 2023 from a tech, industry and web3 perspective Ever wonder why Japan is obsessed about traffic cones…

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Published on 18 days ago

Tabs for Jan 20th 2023

Musk set the world record for most amount of wealth lost . Even the most hardened fanboys have to be feeling that there is no plan any more…

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Published on 16 days ago

Tabs for Jan 27th 2023

Al Gore at Davos . A 4min video that is earth-shatterlingly on-point. And it, once again, makes me wonder how different the world would be…

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Published on 9 days ago

Tabs for February 5th 2023

SBF is not a child . Molly White addresses the very odd media treatment of SBF. Compare & contrast to Bernie Madoff. Wonders of Street View…

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Published on 30 minutes ago

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