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Notes for May 28th 2023

Slightly delayed notes this week compared to my aim of Friday, due to a hell of a weekend . Last week I noted that I had bought a new synth…

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Published on 8 hours ago

My worst teacher

I was randomly thinking about my school years this morning. No reason why. I'm not one of those people that thinks of those days as my…

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Published on 6 days ago

Notes for May 19th 2023

I'm a very tinkery music person. I have 3 guitars (and have been very dangerously edging towards the N+1 problem for years), a few synth…

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Published on 9 days ago

Tabs for May 19th 2023

F1 cancels Imola due to weather . I don't recall F1 doing anything moral anytime in recent history so this is amazing. The dangers of Google…

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Published on 9 days ago

Tabs for May 13th 2023

Irish artist shops Teenage engineering TP-7 . A mobile recording device, akin to a Zoom (no, not the conferencing software) by the…

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Published on 15 days ago