Tabs for February 5th 2023

  • SBF is not a child. Molly White addresses the very odd media treatment of SBF. Compare & contrast to Bernie Madoff.
  • Wonders of Street View
  • MOA. Hook your Tweets to your Toots on a specified Masto instance. I love the old-school style here.
  • macOS dropbox client (and others) moving from ~/ to ~/Library. Good move that will require some adjusting for folks, as this impacts most/all hard drive systems.
  • Hanif Kureishi article. BBC taps into the screenwriter's psyche after an injury nearly changed his life.
  • Barely maps. I noted a few weeks ago that I love maps, so this project is right up my alley.
  • Critical ignoring. In an age when work is almost defined by non-stop Slack messages that culturally demand instance response, this is important.
  • CatGPT. Meow.
  • Twitter APIs to become monetised. Think of how much value has been added to the platform through bots. Tweeting news links, horse quotes, art, etc. etc.
  • Artifact. A personalised news feed for you, enhanced by AI. Not notable as a headline. But it coming from the founders of Instagram, is.
  • Ars on AI.