Notes for Week 22, 2024

Song of the week:


  • Holy mother of god, how is it June already?!
  • Work is calming down travel-wise. I've officially been at home for 4 weeks now; something I couldn't say at any point for the rest of the year. I'll go to Cannes in 2 weeks' time, but outside of that it's all quiet on the western front, which is great.
    • But work has a "tour" series in APAC, which I've managed to avoid to-date. That said, I would love to justify a trip to Japan. I spent significant time there years ago when I was in $prev_job setting the office up there. I miss it.
  • AI is still the hot topic. But interestingly, I'm optimistic about the tech's development while utterly disparaging of the industry. Right now, if an AI company offered me a huge salary and signing bonus, I would go. Because I have a mortgage. But I wouldn't last long unless my colleagues were interesting. I get the feeling that the AI companies attracting hordes of talent are filled with early-adopter grifters, rather than hard workers who'll push the company forward. Which in many ways is good, because it'll weed the shit out quickly.
    • It's like the doughnut and burrito trends years ago. Dublin was overrun with doughnut shops, until the meme ran out of steam. And then, the ones left behind were the good ones when everyone pivoted to burritos. And similarly, today the ones left behind are the good ones. Or even better, we've had a trend of actually Mexican taco trucks. Which is a dream situation for me!
  • I rarely comment on sport here but I had FC Bayern knocked out of the Champions League, Leinster lose the European cup and Bohemians being shit. All contrasted against the wonders of Charles LeClerc winning his home GP at Monaco last week!