Notes for May 28th 2023

  • Slightly delayed notes this week compared to my aim of Friday, due to a hell of a weekend.
  • Last week I noted that I had bought a new synth. Well, I spoke to some folks in work who are much deeper down the rabbit hole than I am. And lo-and-behold, I'm seeking out an Ableton Push 2; which has dropped in price since the announcement of a third iteration.
  • I bought a tent for camping at a music festival in a few weeks. The thing is large enough to demand planning permission. I've been excited to pitch it in the back garden to muck around with the kids but, alas, the time never sits well. And then this weekend, we had a chance to do it at the holiday home, but my wife forgot to pack the stuff for the tent. This thing is elusive!
  • Our youngest kid (1 year old) is properly sick this week. He's typically a monstrous eater but now he's a mess. We noticed the dog being very keen on his ear, so assumed something there. Pharmacist in Waterford (where our holiday place is) immediately issued antibiotics for ear infection as she noticed crust on his ear.
    • He got worse, wouldn't eat, etc. So called d-doc, who suggested A&E or emergency doctor in Dublin. We picked Dublin as anyone in Waterford were really, genuinely, not listening or paying attention. A few hours later he was seen to and we were confirmed that he has 'foot, hand & mouth' disease. Which is just awful, but passes on it's own in a few days. We got great advice and guidance, despite there being no real drug available.
    • He likely already had it but his system was coping fine. But the pharmacist issuing antibiotics messed the whole thing up. Moreover, they likely threw the (albeit, not interested) Waterford doctor off, who just couldn't diagnose anything so went down the A&E route, which felt ridiculous.
  • Work had me in London again, this time for an event we hosted for a few hundred partners & customers. It was astoundingly well received. The appetite for meeting in-person and learning from each other is strong.
    • I also had a dinner meeting the evening before the event with a partner, where I spoke to one of the smartest, most clued-in experts in the payments industry I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. Not only does he do the standard 'payment flow' type advisory and implementation work, he's designed and worked on projects to build out the switches and interchanges for governments. Mad stuff!
  • Tallying up the last few weeks of intense work, some very big sprints (not least hiring) and busy family weekends which have not been relaxing at all, I'm jaded. I will power through June (where I also have a lot of travel) but will reward myself in July with some downtime and less sprint-work.
  • At a local coffee shop near our holiday place (Seagull Bakery in Dunmore East, for those looking for recommendations!) there was Land Rover Defender. Parked, empty. Running the engine to have the aircon on. Absolutely no one impressed but the owner, who did not heed the dirty looks he received throughout.