Notes for May 26th 2024

Song of the week:


  • I note below that 37signals is defaulting to linux for it's work environment. Folks can use macOS or Windows, and some have to (iOS developers, notably), but it's a big shift for a company to change the 'default' operating system. Sure, it's a mid-sized tech company. But it's still a shift. And yes, the founders have waged war on Apple over the App Store monopolistic behaviour Apple tends to display. But most of my life has been punctuated with "next year Ferrari will win the championship." Oh, and "next year will be the year of Linux." It's never materialised, but Apple constantly adding shit no one asked for in macOS and trying to pretend faster chips make it not feel like Vista alongside Microsoft lathering dodgy AI and adverts into their desktop make Linux such a sweet option right now. The problem is that there aren't enough premium hardware manufacturers taking advantage of the obvious market demand.
    • Even better, Linux has come along in strides as a desktop user environment. Sure, Ubuntu is there but it suffers from bloatware, which is solved by Kubuntu. But optionality is never the issue in Linux. In fact, it might be an issue simply because there's so much optionality!
    • Even better again, Valve's work on Proton and the general gaming sphere makes Linux a far better option for gamers. Any student with a Mac is stuck with whatever gets to the App Store or might have supportability with Apple's fairly wonky gaming tools. But Linux is at the point where it can compete with Windows on game supportability.
  • As weeks go, this one was weird. I had a funeral for an aunt (noted last week) which went well and was a nice ceremony. I've not been to a cremation before but they really have that process down-pat. Moreover, there was a celebrant (some lad from the radio who has a very soothing voice) rather than a priest. So the old church vibes were out the window, but older folks had 1 opportunity to have a prayer out of respect. For the rest, it was music and family readings.
    • Work was busy but the funeral cancelled a trip to London, which is ironically a small mercy as I've been on the road a lot lately. This means I get to have my feet on the ground for all of May. In June I head out to Cannes for the Lions festival where, although the setting is beautiful, is chaotically busy. And hot.