Notes for March 11th 2023

This will be a short one this week as I was away, so never really took notes or observations as I went through the week. It's also delayed by a day, which absolutely no one will notice but me.

  • This week I was in South-East Asia for the first time since Covid. I've been to places like Singapore a lot. But I had never ventured to Bangkok. I was there for a week-long work offsite with our APAC team. And Bangkok is a fascinating part of the world. Familiar and not all at the same time. Wonderful food.
    - My favourite meal wasn't the Michelin starred family style Thai feast, though that'll live long in my memory. It was a night market with colleagues having cheap beers and eating very, very random things. Including fried silk worm. 
    - I flew EVA Air to Bangkok (via Heathrow), which was a great experience. Thai, which hosted me on the return leg, was not as good. Awful interior, old seats, no wifi (for 13 hours!) and a terrible selection of movies/shows.
    Wonderful story about flashes causing computer errors
  • This was the first time I was away for a week and genuinely missed the kids. I think they're both in really fun ages, so that's where I missed out. But our 2.5 year old has started to intellectually grasp that myself or my wife are coming home in a few days, so isn't that bad with it. Whereas our 1 year old doesn't know what's happening yet!
    - That said, it was, as is always the way, the dog that really missed me.
    flight back into Dublin