Notes for June 30th 2023

  • This week was the first normal week of June for me. July will calm down, thankfully. But it was nice to just do creche runs, go to the office, etc. etc. But we did take time to reflect on what was achieved while travelling and how good Body & Soul music festival was for us.

  • My wife, some friends & I went to see Placebo. Oddly, the mix sounded rough. Fairly sure the backing musicians were the only ones actually playing properly. The band themselves seemed to just be adding ambient fuzz with their instruments. And my god, what a bad set list from a band with such a deep & rich catalogue. They focused on newer stuff, which may "speak" to them more than material written when they were teenagers or in their 20s. But that was a 2 hour show that featured about 5 big hit songs, and an encore with 2 covers.
  • Saturday will be the final day of Apollo; my reddit client of choice. And thus my last real time using Reddit; not that I contribute much anyway. Like Twitter before, these platforms are confusing what the product is. And the entry point for that product (which is entirely user generated content) was never their own making. If Apollo charged more to make Federated instances more tangible, I’d go there. Just like I did with Ivory.
  • This week begins the Steam Summer Sale. I'll probably wax lyrical about the things I've bought on my gaming blog, But my basic litmus test for whether a purchase can happen is if the game has a significant reduction & it works on Steam Deck.
  • Elon & Zuck threatened us with a good time by announcing a cage fight that we all knew, deep in our hearts, wouldn't happen. And Elon's mum stopped it. Which looking back, is the logical conclusion to this. But still bizarre. However I can't help but think that this whole episode, particularly from Elon's perspective, isn't something fun and witty. It's something someone does when they're in a panic or distress.