Notes for April 1st 2023

  • The hot topic is still AI, ethics within & everything around it. I think I'll write a longer form essay on it as I'm seeing it from the technical innovation side, the business value side and the abuse-of-power side too. But one thing is really striking; governments and authorities are being impressively slow on this. Like, unbearably slow. They need to get involved soon.
  • We have two kids. Two boys. 18 months separate their ages, and the eldest is 3 in July. And yet, they are completely different. My wife is a big mental health advocate who is diagnosed with ADHD, so can spot it. Our eldest child clearly has it. It's kind-of amazing to see how deeply encoded some of that behavioural stuff is at such an early age.
  • This weekend we are at a conference for folks who work in indie film. My wife is the one working while I sneak work in where I can while minding our youngest kid. And getting free wine at evening events. It's always interesting at these events to observe how different film people are to my typical tech conference folks. Tech could do with injecting some mindful, creative folks more often.
  • Someone is leaving my current employer to go work for my former one. Good for him, etc. But it was a hilarious week of my messages, DMs and inboxes getting flooded with folks trying to get an inside scoop of who their new boss might be.

A visit to the zoo

  • I was very sceptical about the new Apple Music Classical app. Particularly with it being a separate app. But no, they nailed it. Fantastic companion with unique features for the genres in Classical. It would’ve been too much compromise to do it in the main Apple Music app.